A PROMISING TOMORROW was opened to serve the needs of our growing community. Over the years, the program has earned praise for its continuous improvement in student retention AND consistently high levels of parent satisfaction. The school holds a special distinction for being a FIVE STAR***** rated program which symbolizes quality on a tiered 5 star system that Ohio uses to measure quality.

Our Staff

Our staff qualifications far exceed the minimum qualifications required by (ODJFS)-Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, our licensing agency. Each classroom has a Lead Teacher and an assistant teacher as needed, assigned to the class and who are the main staff in the classroom throughout the day. The Lead Teacher is ultimately responsible for the classroom and is the first point of contact for parents regarding anything to do with your child or the classroom. All of our staff undergo state and criminal background checks, pre-employment physicals, and references are thoroughly checked. At all times there is at least one person per classroom who is CPR/First Aid Certified - often there are two persons. For more information about any staff member please read our staff information bulletin board. In addition, our staff is dedicated to continuing education experiences. All of our staff is involved with the YWCA Child Care Connections which offer professional training opportunities to child care profesionals who go above and beyond state requirements. We here at A Promising Tomorrow recognize that there are always new things to learn and additional ways to improve the program. This obvious appreciation for the value of education serves to reinforce for children and adults the positive ongoing goals, attitudes, and skills needed for lifelong learning and working with others in a diverse society. 

Jasmine Sherer: Administrator/Lead InfantTeacher 

I believe that teaching and administrating her at A Promising Tomorrow LLC is more than just a job…... it’s a passion for a career I LOVE!!!!. We provide high-quality child care, education, and work/life solutions, we help families and their children be their best by embracing who they are and creating strategies that help them thrive. I have a passion for helping others and have a commitment to high performance. 

Darlene Glover:  CDA assistant Operations Director

I have had the pleasure of being the Operations Director of an outstanding Early Childhood Program. I am responsible for the daily operations of the program. During my time with the company I have gained a sincere love of all our children's well-being and their education, beginning from the time the child is born through their fifth year of life. This led me to obtaining my infant/toddler CDA credential in 2010 and my lifelong passion to educate myself on newly developed current practices in Early Childhood Development. 

Cheryl Waters:Lead  Preschool Teacher

As a Early Childhood Educator, I have had the chance to learn about the specific tools that can help young children begin to learn and establish an educational foundation for the rest of their lives. The first years of a person's life are pivotal to their long-term success. As their teacher, I assist my students with the educational foundation that will support them as they move on to elementary school. I am passionate about my role in my student's lives and could not have selected a more rewarding career. I love being a teacher!

Treasha Lampkin: CDA assistant Teacher

I just simply love children! I love to teach them. I love to dance with them. I love to sing with them. I love to cuddle and hug them. I love to pat and read to them. All these things in my toddler world makes my personal life more complete. I honestly cant remember a life that did not include my special toddler's. I am infant/toddler CDA and I teach with hands-on activities. Instead of showing students colors on paper, I will often use other resources such as blocks, toys, sand and water to help them learn shape, texture, colors, numbers and elements. I thrive to give each and every one of my toddlers a superior learning experience while in my care.

Rayshawn Craig Lead School Age Teacher

In these formative years, stability is vital to developing your child's sense of safety and love. I partner with my families to make my infant's environment and continuity of care an extension of their home. I provided a consistent routine for my babies and I continually monitor each baby for progress and allow for changes as needed. I have obtained two degrees in the field of child development which is consistent with my hunger for knowledge in providing an exceptional learning experience rich with respectful, responsive care at all times. It is my pleasure to identify the developmental steps from eating and sleeping, to first words and first steps and everything in between.

A number of the founding teachers still teach at A PROMISING TOMORROW – a testament to the warmth and spirit of this learning community.

Why choose our school

  1. certified instructors
  2. child - first curriculum
  3. full range of classes
  4. tutoring
  5. high student test scores
  6. kid camp

                       A caring community

890 W Bancroft St, Toledo, OH, United States